International Games Day 2016 is on November 19th


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We know not every library can participate on that particular Saturday. We’re happy to include your library as long as you register with us when registration opens in May, identify your event as part of International Games Day in your marketing, and fill out the evaluation survey afterward to tell us what happened during your event.

Registration will open in late May. Stay tuned!

Nordic Game Day usually coincides with International Games Day, so make sure to reserve 19.11.2016 for International Games Day!

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Results of the Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament

Last week over a thousand players participated in a Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament in almost sixty libraries across the Nordic Countries. The feedback from library patrons was enthusiastic and the relatively high scores across the board show that a lot of active gamers were drawn into the libraries to participate in the competition.

The winner of the competition was Tommi V. from Helsinki, Finland with an astonishing score of 22 371 110! Tommi V. will receive a PlayStation 4 game console courtesy of Nordisk Film AND an epic loot bag, courtesy of Housemarque, the developer of Resogun.

The best player in each country will also receive a loot bag, so congratulations also to L.B. from Norway, Torben from Denmark and Ellen P. from Sweden!

Even the best player in each library will get a prize! Each top player will get their own copy of the game Resogun! Winners will be contacted directly or through their library by the end of this week.

Scroll down to read some comments from the libraries organizing the local tournaments!

Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament TOP 30

Nordic Game Day 2015 Resogun-tournament

Some comments about the Tournament from Libraries

  • It was an exciting day with over 200 visitors during the event that was also mentioned in radio!
  • We had a great game day. The kids loved to play Resogun.
  • The game has been a lot of fun for our younger patrons and organizing the event was super easy!
  • Thank you for a nice and active game, we enjoyed the challenge:-)
  • Thanks for the awesome reflectors ☺ The kids loved them!
  • We had fun!
  • We had a great day!!:-)
  • we had a blast:)
  • This was a lot of fun!
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150 libraries celebrate Nordic Game Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate the Nordic Game Day with 150 libraries, (if you include other organizations the number is 200+) and over 400 days worth of events, since many libraries have events on several days or even for the whole week instead of just one day!

Have a great NGD tomorrow and keep posting with the #nordicgameday hashtag!

A look at #nordicgamday


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More and more libraries are joining Nordic Game Day

Kuuluu kuvaan -mediakasvatushanke.

Have a great weekend! As of today we have 113 libraries and over 160 events during the Nordic Game Day! 50 libraries are also participating in the Nordic Resogun tournament.

What are you planning at your library?

Send a short Tweet with the #nordicgameday hashtag and we will collect your tweets to share inspiration and ideas!

Aalborg Public Library Denmark
Arvika bibliotek Sweden
Asker Public Library Norway
Auran kirjasto Finland
Ballerup Bibliotek Denmark
Bamble bibliotek Norway
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Aasane filial Norway
Bergen Offentlige BIbliotek, Oasen filial Norway
Bergen Public Library Norway
Bibliografen Denmark
Bornholms Folkebiblioteker Denmark
Deichman Holmlia Norway
Deichmanske bibliotek, Majorstuen filial Norway
Deichmanske bibliotek, Røa filial Norway
Deichmanske filial Lambertseter Norway
Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek Norway
Ekerö Bibliotek Sweden
Entressen kirjasto Finland
Etne bibliotek Norway
Farsund Bibliotek Norway
Fjell folkeboksamling Norway
Forssan kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Frederikshavn BIbliotek Denmark
Freeland Library Iceland
Fusa Folkebibliotek Norway
Gjesdal folkebibliotek Norway
Gjøvik bibliotek og litteraturus Norway
Græsted Bibliotek BLIK Denmark
Hammerfest bibliotek Norway
Helsinge Bibliotek Denmark
Himangan kirjasto Finland
Holstebro Bibliotek Denmark
Horten bibliotek Norway
Hovedbiblioteket Denmark
Humppilan kunnankirjasto Finland
Hyvinkään pääkirjasto Finland
Iitin kunnankirjasto Finland
Ilpoisten kirjasto ja nuorisotila Finland
Inkoo municipal library Finland
Ishøj bibliotek Denmark
Jevnaker folkebibliotek Norway
Joensuun pääkirjasto Finland
Jätkäsaaren infokeskus ja kirjasto Finland
Karmøy Folkebibliotek Norway
Katrineholms bibliotek Sweden
Kemiön kirjasto Finland
Keravan kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Kiimingin kirjasto Finland
Kirjasto Omena Finland
Kivenlahden kirjasto Finland
Klaukkalan kirjasto Finland
Koivukylän kirjasto Finland
Kongsvinger bibliotek Norway
Kotkan kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Kouvolan pääkirjasto Finland
Kristiansand Public Library Norway
Laajasalon kirjasto Finland
Lahden kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Lappeenrannan pääkirjasto Finland
Lenvik bibliotek Norway
Lerums bibliotek Sweden
Levanger bibliotek Norway
Lidköpings stadsbibliotek Sweden
Loddefjord bibliotek Norway
Longyearbyen folkebibliotek Norway
Mjölby bibliotek Sweden
Myllypuron mediakirjasto Finland
Myyrmäen kirjasto Finland
Noormarkun kirjasto Finland
Nurmon kirjasto Finland
Oppegård bibliotek Norway
Oulun kaupunginkirjasto-maakuntakirjasto Finland
Oulunkylän kirjasto Finland
Outokummun kirjasto Finland
Padasjoen kirjasto Finland
Pasilan kirjasto Finland
Pirkkalan pääkirjasto Finland
Pornaisten kirjasto Finland
Puistolan kirjasto Finland
Pyhäselän kirjasto Finland
Raahen kaupunginkirjasto, pääkirjasto Finland
Raision kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Rovaniemen kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Ruskon kirjasto Finland
Sellon kirjasto Finland
Sipoon pääkirjasto Finland
Skiptvet bibliotek Norway
Smedjebackens bibliotek Sweden
Someron kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Sorø Bibliotek Denmark
Soukan kirjasto Finland
Stadsbiblioteket i Halmstad Sweden
Sølvberget, Stavanger Public Library Norway
Taastrup Bibliotek Denmark
Tampereen kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Tapanilan kirjasto Finland
Tapulikaupungin kirjasto Finland
Tidaholms stadsbibliotek Sweden
Tikkurilan kirjasto Finland
Ullensaker bibliotek Norway
Ulricehamns bibliotek Sweden
Valby Bibliotek Denmark
Vallensbæk Kultur- & Borgerhus Denmark
Vangede Spilbibliotek Denmark
Variskan kirjasto Finland
Vefsn bibliotek Norway
Verdal bibliotek Norway
Westerdals Oslo School of Arts Norway
Viborg Bibliotekerne Denmark
Vigerslev Bibliotek Denmark
Ylöjärven kaupunginkirjasto Finland
Ylöjärven pääkirjasto Leija Finland
Örebro Stadsbibliotek Sweden
Øvre Eiker bibliotek Norway
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Over 100 Nordic Game Day events registered so far!

With a month to go until the Nordic Game Day 2015, we already have over 100 registered events for the Nordic Game Day! As we draw closer to November 21st, it would be great to see some pictures from the preparations and maybe even local posters posted to social media sites with the hashtag #nordicgameday.

Here’s an example of a local poster from the Forssa City Library in Finland.

A local poster from the Forssa City Library

Participating Libraries

These libraries have registered to Nordic Game Day. If your library has registered, but is not on the list, you may have clicked the wrong country while registering. Please send an email to if that is the case.

Aalborg Public Library, Denmark
Asker Public Library, Norway
Ballerup Bibliotek, Denmark
Bamble bibliotek, Norway
Bergen Off. BIbliotek, Norway
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Norway
Bornholms Folkebiblioteker, Denmark
Deichman Holmlia, Norway
Deichmanske filial Lambertseter, Norway
Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek, Norway
Ekerö Bibliotek, Sweden
Entressen kirjasto, Finland
Etne bibliotek, Norway
Farsund Bibliotek, Norway
Fjell folkeboksamling, Norway
Forssan kaupunginkirjasto, Finland
Gjøvik bibliotek og litteraturus, Norway
Gjesdal public library, Norway
Hammerfest bibliotek, Norway
Helsinge Bibliotek, Denmark
Holstebro Bibliotek, Denmark
Horten bibliotek, Norway
Iitin kunnankirjasto, Finland
Inkoon kunnankirjasto, Finland
Jevnaker folkebibliotek, Norway.
Joensuun pääkirjasto, Finland
Jätkäsaaren infokeskus ja kirjasto, Finland
Katrineholms bibliotek, Sweden
Kemiön kirjasto, Finland
Keravan kaupunginkirjasto, Finland
Kiimingin kirjasto, Finland
Kirjasto Omena, Finland
Kivenlahden kirjasto, Finland
Klaukkalan kirjasto, Finland
Kongsvinger bibliotek, Norway
Kotkan kaupunginkirjasto, Finland
Kouvolan pääkirjasto, Finland
Kristiansand Public Library, Norway
Lahden kaupunginkirjasto-maakuntakirjasto, Finland
Lappeenrannan maakuntakirjasto, Finland
Lappeenrannan pääkirjasto, Finland
Lerums bibliotek, Sweden
Levanger bibliotek, Norway
Lidköpings stadsbibliotek, Sweden
Loddefjord bibliotek, Norway
Longyearbyen folkebibliotek, Norway
Mjölby bibliotek, Sweden
Myyrmäen kirjasto, Finland
Noormarkun kirjasto, Finland
Oppegård bibliotek, Norway
Oulun kaupunginkirjasto Kiimingin kirjasto, Finland
Oulunkylän kirjasto, Finland
Outokummun kirjasto, Finland
Padasjoen kirjasto, Finland
Pirkkalan pääkirjasto, Finland
Pyhäselän kirjasto, Finland
Rovaniemen kaupunginkirjasto, Finland
Ruskon kirjasto, Finland
Ruskon pääkirjasto, Finland
Skiptvet bibliotek, Norway
Smedjebackens bibliotek, Sweden
Someron kaupunginkirjasto, Finland
Sorø Bibliotek, Denmark
Soukan kirjasto, Finland
Stadsbiblioteket i Halmstad, Sweden
Sølvberget, Norway
Taastrup Bibliotek, Denmark
Tampereen kaupunginkirjasto, pääkirjasto Metso, Finland
Tapanilan kirjasto, Finland
Tapulikaupungin kirjasto, Finland
Tidaholms stadsbibliotek, Sweden
Ullensaker bibliotek, Norway
Ulricehamns bibliotek, Sweden
Vangede Spilbibliotek, Denmark
Vefsn bibliotek, Norway
Verdal bibliotek, Norway
Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Norway
Ylöjärven kaupunginkirjasto, Finland
Ylöjärven pääkirjasto Leija, Finland
Örebro Stadsbibliotek, Sweden
Øvre Eiker bibliotek, Norway

This is a list of participating libraries. Many NGD events are held in other locations or even online.

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75 libraries have registered for Nordic Game Day!

With 43 days to go until Nordic Game Day, a total on 75 libraries from all of the Nordic Countries have already registered! This looks promising and we will most likely surpass the number from last year, which was 144 libraries. We are already over half-way there!

If you haven’t registered yet, go to: to register!


Use the hashtag #nordicgameday during your events

We have purchased a subscription to Tweetwall for (20-22.11.2015) and if you tweet pictures using the #nordicgameday hashtag your tweets will appear on the wall here:

You can open this website on a browser (press F11 to maximize the screen) and display pictures from other Nordic Game Day events in real-time on the screen of your choice!

The wall will monitor all tweets with the following hashtags (and you can suggest more):


The wall has an automatic profanity filter and we will activate full moderation if the filter is not enough, so you can display the wall safely in your library. The wall will not show tweets from accounts that have less than 10 followers.

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Organizing the Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament

Earlier this month we introduced the Nordic Game Day Resogun Tournament for Nordic Libraries. In this post you will find the details on how to organize a local tournament in your library.


Organize your local tournament any time between 16.11.2015 and 22.11.2015. You can hold one tournament on the NGD or several tournaments during the week leading up to NGD, your choice. One game usually lasts anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on the skill of the player. After receiving your code for the game, install the game on your PS3 or PS4 console and familiarize yourself with the game, so you can help library customers who wish to participate.

Object of the Game:

Use the following Map / Ship Combo:

1. Choose Single Player
2. Choose Single Map
3. Choose the Rookie Difficulty (the topmost difficulty setting)
4. Choose the Ship FEROX (default ship)
5. Choose the Map ACIS (default map)

Every player should be given a minute or so to familiarize with the controls. After the training period, restart the first level of the game on Rookie-difficulty and tell the player to try to get as high a score as possible. The player may lose all lives or he/she may pass the first level. In either case, write down the player’s:

Final Score is displayed on the Game Over screen or on the Level Complete screen.


Each player can only play the level once so if you intend to keep the tournament running throughout the week, try to make sure each player only participates once.

After the tournament, send the aforementioned information from the three best players to the NGD coordinator from the same email you used to ask for the code.

The Nordic Champion of the tournament and the best national players will be announced on Monday the 23rd of November on


  1. The Best Player in the Nordic Countries will receive a Sony PlayStation 4 console, courtesy of Nordisk Film.
  2. The Best Players in each country will receive a Box of Epic Loot provided by Housemarque!
  3. The Best Player in each library will also receive a small surprise gift!
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