Play Halli Klack and Kakerlakkensoup on Nordic Game Day

Board games don´t have to be loooooooooong all-night affairs, but they can also be really quick, fun, rapid playful experiences, where 4-5 minutes is all you need.

Which sounds like the perfect board games for Nordic Game Day, so Enigma/Bergsala have agreed to send out FREE copies of the two party-games ‘Kakerlakken-soup’ and ‘Halli Klack’. All you have to do is punch in your details in the formula below, and then the games will ship to your library and the end of October.

Halli Klack is a really quick and reaction-based family-games, where you start by placing a bunch of circular magnetic pieces on the table. Each have three symbols in different colors, and by the roll of two die you get a color and a symbol. Then your mission is – as quickly as possible – to “stack” as many matching pieces as possible. Repeat and enjoy until all the pieces are stacked, and the player with the highest stack is the Halli Klack-champion of the day!

Read more about the game HERE

Kakerlakkensoup is a twisted tongue-in-cheek word-game, where the players must think fast wether they have to lie about which cards are played on the table or have to “slurp” og say “Mmmm” according to the cards. Ok – it sounds weird, but trust me: it´s hilarious in real life 🙂

Read more about the game HERE

NB: The deadline for signing up for this offer is Monday October 29th!

Sign up for the two games HERE

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