Nordic Competition in Centipede 2012

One centipede. One gnome. Some spiders and a whole lot of mushrooms.

It may sound weird, but the awesomely cool retro-hit ‘Centipede’ is back in action, and ready for it´s first Nordic Tournament EVER.

The only requirements for participating in the Centipede-Competition is a browser with HTML5 (Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) and some easy preparations.


1. Shoot the advancing centipede before it hits you. Avoid spiders and other nasty surprises. Use Spacebar + WASD-keys.


1. Direct your browsers (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) to Centipede-game HERE The game works on both Macs and Windows-pcs. If you want a game without commercials, you have to install Internet Explorer.

2. If you haven´t tried the game before, try it a few times before Nordic Game Day.

3. Print out THIS instruction-form and place it beside the computer for the players to see. Note: You have to decide how many times each player can try to beat their own highscore. 

4. Print out a bunch of THESE personal high-score-lists and place them beside the computer with a pen.

5.  Collect the personal high-score-lists after each player have finished playing. If time permits, make a “votingbox”, where they can drop in their personal score-list.

6. Look through the personal score-lists after Nordic Game Day and submit the highest highscore from your library using THIS online-form.

7. Nordic Game Program will compare the Centipede-scores across all participating libraries at Nordic Game Day and call out the three winners in the week after. The winners will be announced on the blog, on Facebook and will be contacted directly by mail.

RULES (Players)

1. Play until you die (3 lives)

2. Write down the your personal best (shown top left), name and email.

3. Try again to improve your personal best (as many times as your library allows)

4. The highest highscores across all Nordic libraries wins one of the prizes below.

5. Happy Centipede-hunting! 🙂


First Place: The New iPad (Wi-Fi, 16 GB) + two boardgames.

Second Place: A game of your choice + two board games.

Third Place: One board game.

Nordic Game Program will send out the prizes directly to the winners.


Game instructions + prizes hand-out (print out – color preferable if possible)

Personal highscore-lists for the players (print out – black/white ok)

Submit the highest score from your library HERE (ONLY access for librarians, NOT the players)

Deadline for submitting your library´s highscore is November 13th.

The winners will be announced on November 14th.

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2 Responses to Nordic Competition in Centipede 2012

  1. Where do we submit the highest score from our library?

  2. Helene says:

    It says, : “Submit the higest score from your library HERE”, but there is no link…? and it says ONLY Acsess for librarians, Not players. Do I have to logg on or what?

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