Strong support for Nordic Game Day 2012 from Nordic libraries

Fancy playing or lending a cool game at your local library? Sure – welcome to your local Game Library! Both digital games, apps and board games are hugely popular in all Nordic public libraries, which in effect are becoming a strong educator for games and game culture across the entire Nordic region.

Now on Saturday November 10th more than 120 Nordic libraries will celebrate the fourth Nordic Game Day with gaming events all over the Nordic region.

Smash that Centipede!

“Last year all the participating Nordic libraries experienced a huge boost in visiting patrons, and since both board games and digital games are normal in libraries these days, we are expecting even bigger audience this year” says Thomas Vigild, coordinator of Nordic Game Day.

The events in the participating libraries are plentiful and diverse – from personal lectures from game developers and academics and board gaming to movie-screenings, retrogames and showing of old arcade machines. This year the big Nordic Competition will be held in the classic arcade-game ‘Centipede’, and a lot of libraries are doing extra tournaments in games like Tekken, FIFA and chess.

“It´s extremely rewarding to witness the creativity and totally positive attitude towards games in the Nordic libraries and see all the different game events all across the Nordic region – events like LEGO board games and roleplaying-happenings to cool homages to retrogames and new motion-controlled dancing games”.

To reconnect and enlighten
The main goal behind the annual Nordic Game Days is to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational, cultural and social value of all types of games. Library gaming programs encourage interaction between patrons of all ages and cultures, and as games have evolved over the years to become more dynamic, so have the Nordic libraries by re-energizing themselves as community centers of culture and learning.

More infomation
Nordic Game Day is coordinated by Nordic Game Program in close collaboration with the Nordic libraries and Nordic game industry

Visit or for more info.

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