Sign up for International Games Day + Global Gossip Game


This year the Nordic Game Day is held on the same day as the International Games Day. That leads to all kinds of awesomeness, so please sign up below – and participate in the Global Gossip Game – read more below from our Australian colleague Philip 🙂



My name is Phil Minchin, and I’m one of the volunteers working on International Games Day @ your library, an event linked to, and on the same date as, your Nordic Game Day.

International Games Day started in 2008, and was initially a National Gaming Day for libraries in the USA, but has grown significantly since then and is now becoming fully international – as witnessed by the fact that I’m writing from Australia! You can see a map of our currently-registered participants here, and while this year our numbers are currently a bit lower than the record of over 1000 libraries we set in 2011, we are continuing to expand in other ways.


For instance, last year we inaugurated a new international feature of the day – the Global Gossip GameGossip is the folk game where you whisper a phrase from person to person and watch it change.See a description of the game here

Well, the Global Gossip Game is similar, except when each library has finished its turn, they pass the phrase (whatever it is by now) on to the next library from timezone to timezone around the world. Last year we went through seven languages and all six inhabited continents over 26 hours, starting in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia and finishing in Homer, Alaska… and the phrase mutated from the very respectable Plato quote “Life must be lived as play” into “He bites snails”! (If you want to know more the final report is available here.)

This year, we are going one better – ALL SEVEN continents this time, because the library at one of Australia’s Antarctic bases will also be playing! And I would like to invite all you lovely Scandinavian folks to join us too. Seven languages is not enough in my book!

 To participate in the Global Gossip Game, you need to fill out the registration form for International Games Day at – it’s free!

Even if you don’t want to play Gossip with us, please consider registering anyway if you would like to appear on our map of worldwide participants. Obviously if you’re playing in the Nordic Game Day you’re eligible to be shown on our map too!

And of course, entry is open to any library anywhere on Earth, so if you have library friends in other countries, and would like to invite them to join us for a day of fun and celebration, please do. We’re only volunteers, so we are very reliant on word of mouth to share the event – anything you can do to spread the word will be much appreciated! 

Thanks for reading – happy gaming everyone!

Phil Minchin – International Games Day, Australia

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