Good boardgames for Nordic Game Day – part 1



If your library is considering doing board game related events/tournaments during Nordic Game Day, heres the first of a series of recommendations for good new board games for children and families.

The first part of recommendations is for the games Simsala Hopp, La Boca and King of Tokyo, because they are all easy to learn, hard to master and can be played rather quickly.

Simsala Hopp (Competo)


Build up a big castle with the box, turn the sand-timer, shout “SIMSALA HOPP” and then the children have to  turn as many frogs into rabbits by hitting the backside of the board with the magic wand. The pieces will jump and turn all over the place – like a little trampoline – but it demands good coordnation and memory to win in Simsala Hopp. Great for both kids and adults, and also fantastic to just watch others playing.

The game also won the Danish boardgame award Guldbrikken for Best Children Game this year.

Read more about Simsala Hopp here

King of Tokyo (Bergsala Enigma)

King of Tokyo

Who will be the king-monster of Tokyo? In this brilliant dice game from Richard Garfield (designer of Magic: The Gathering, Robo Rally, Android: Netrunner etc) you all fight as huge monsters, and tactical rolls with the 6 dices determines wether you will attack, heal, earn money or victory points. A fantastic and casual dice game for all and a huge hit with every agegroup.

The game also won the Danish boardgame award Guldbrikken for Best Family Game this year.

Read more about King of Tokyo here

La Boca (Competo)

La Boca Components

Who can build the correct combination of wooden bricks in the shortest amount of time? La Boca is a original co-operative game, where the players in turn work together to build up a unique combination of bricks in the middle of the board. The faster the better, but the players have to constantly talk to each other to coordinate the building process.

A surprisingly strong and timeless family-game that trains dexterity, speed, logical thinking and spatial memory.

Read more about La Boca here

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