Get board game “Spooky Stairs” + prizes for Nordic Game Day


For Nordic Game Day 2013 the Scandinavian board game distributor Enigma Bergsala will – free of charge – send out the children game “Spooky Stairs’ (called Spøgelsestrappen (DK), KummitusPortraat (FI), Spöktrappan (SE) and Spøkelsestrappen (NO)). The game is about racing to the top of the stairs, but with magnetic ghosts chasing the players – it won Children Game of the year in Finland in 2005 and also in Norway and Sweden in 2006.

Furthermore Enigma Bergsala can throw in some of the really cool plush-figures called ‘Sorgenfresser’ (see below) for prizes.


This offer applies to all registered libraries for Nordic Game Day. Register here.

Enigma Bergsala will cover the shipping costs.

The deadline for signing up for the game + plush-dolls is November 6th. 

Sign up for the game + Sorgenfresser here

Read more about the Spooky Stairs (Geistertreppe in German) here on Board Game Geek


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