Wonderputt Competition – rules and info

At Nordic Game Day 2013 on November 16th the Nordic libraries will face their ultimate challenge: mini-golf.

Wonderputt‘ is a all-out attack on the senses and really crazy 18-rounds of golf in ever-changing arenas. You use the mouse to change the direction and power of your strokes, so a playthrough should not take more than 10 minutes.

Goal of the game:

Shoot the golf-ball through 18 holes, collect rainbows and get into the rocket.

You control the speed and the angle of the shot with the mouse.

Setup (librarians):

1. Go to the Wonderputt-page and start the game – click here

The game is also out on iPad (iPad 2 or higher). The prize is 6 DKK See the game here.

Note: BOTH editions of the game is possible to use in the competition.

2. If you haven´t tried the game before, try it a few times before Nordic Game Day. Some holes are more difficult than others.

3. Print out THIS instruction-form and place it beside the computer/iPad for the players to see.

Note: You may have to decide how many times each player can try to beat their own highscore. 

4. Print out a bunch of THESE personal high-score-lists and place them beside the computer/iPad with a pen.

5.  Collect the personal high-score-lists after each player have finished playing. If time permits, make a “votingbox”, where they can drop in their personal score-list.

6. Look through the personal score-lists after Nordic Game Day and submit the highest highscore from your library using THIS online-form.

7. Nordic Game Institute will compare the Wonderputt-scores across all participating libraries at Nordic Game Day and call out the three winners/libraries in the week after.

The winners will be announced on this blog, on Facebook and will be contacted directly by mail.

Rules (for contestants):

1) Play all 18 holes – takes about 10 minutes.

2) Write down the your personal highscore, name & email on the score-form. Try again to improve your personal best (play as many times as your library allows).

3) Hand in your score-form to a Nordic Game Day-librarian after playing.

4) The top highscores across all Nordic libraries wins one of the prizes below.

5) Happy wonderputting!

Important note:  The first playthrough of the game is like a “tutorial” and different with lower scores, so the first player have to take two turns in order to get a decent highscore.


1. place: A PlayStation 4 + one game.

2. place: Three board games + one digital game of your choice (max value 500 DKK)

3. place: One board game.

Nordic Game Institute will compare the scores across all participating libraries and call out the winners.

The winners will be announced on this website, on the Nordic Game Day 2013 Facebook-page and will alle be contacted directly by email.


Game instructions + prizes hand-out (print out – color preferable if possible)

Personal highscore-lists for the players (print out – black/white ok)

Submit the highest score from your library HERE (ONLY access for librarians, NOT the players)

Deadline for submitting your library´s highscore is Tuesday November 19th.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday November 20th.

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9 Responses to Wonderputt Competition – rules and info

  1. Espen Olsen says:

    How can we be sure that there is no cheating? They can write any score they want on the high score list.

  2. Hi Espen – we had the same challenge last year, and I´ll check all scores with the best highscores for Wonderputt in the world. Furthermore you can ask the contestants to write in their name and maybe the name of the library in the highscore list after they have completed all 18 holes. This way we can check wether they cheat or not. But I´ll also recommend to place the competition in a place, thats easily seen by you on Nordic Game Day. This will in my opinion decrease the risk of cheating.. 🙂

  3. Espen Olsen says:

    Thanks for the reply 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    As my score, I used my record of 174000 my submission. The librarian said that it was allowed (I have been playing for a couple of years) it is a record I haven’t been able to beat in a month. Will it be ruled out of the cometition? D:

  5. Anonymous says:

    By the way my name is Erlend Varslot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I really am starting to wish that I had taken a screenshot of it like I did with my previous record (161000). ):

  7. Anonymous says:

    My score is no longer listed on the leader board

  8. Anonymous says:

    Incase I cant use the 174000 one, can I use the 161000 one if no one has a higher score? At least I have proof of doing it…

  9. No thats fine – you´re in! 🙂

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