International Postcard to Nordic Game Day


Hey Nordic Libraries – we got a digital postcard from the libraries in the US! 🙂 First we wrote a digital postcard to International Games Day in USA – read it here. Their postcard follows here – from awesome IGD-fellow Phil Minchin:

High-fives back to our Nordic friends from the International Games Day @ your library Committee!

Well, the 2013 event is almost here with hundreds of libraries ready to celebrate!

International Games Day has been a great success both across the United States and increasingly in countries around the world, with approximately 100,000 participants on all six inhabited continents since its start in 2006. Like your event, it includes libraries each year from all over the world playing a wide variety of games including modern board games, video games, card games, role playing games, and social games.

In addition to celebrating on their own, libraries have the opportunity to challenge each other with events such as Mario Kart Time trials and Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournaments. There will of course also be another round of the Global Gossip Game, in which several of you are joining us. (Thanks folks!) You can learn more about the game and follow along on the 16th here:

This year our sponsors pulled out all the stops with donations of board games, card games, and access to online content. These donations not only provide new games for International Games Day but also helps libraries further develop their gaming collection.

This is important here in the United States, where games are still struggling to gain the kind of recognition and support in libraries that Thomas tells us they have over there. The reasons for this are too many to go into here – but we’re steadily making a difference by highlighting all the ways games help people engage with libraries and learning!

The many creative ways people come up with to celebrate IGD are what make being a part of this event so exciting. Every library has the opportunity to celebrate however they want, so every games day is different. Some libraries dedicate the day to video games on consoles, while others spend the majority of time enjoying table top games and others try to enjoy as many different kinds of game as they can.

The International Games Day committee is dedicated to growing this wonderful event. Not only is gaming fun and educational, but it also helps all ages build relationships.

Almost every library that participates notes the camaraderie of all the participants at the end of each event. Patrons that may have never otherwise met get to conquer great beasts, explore new worlds, or enjoy a favorite game together. Older or experienced players help the younger or less experienced people learn to play. Participants open up, gain new friends, and even try out a game they have never tried, all in their local library – and we think that is great.

So thanks everyone for sharing this worldwide experience with us, and best wishes for your preparations – we are really looking forward to playing with you on November 16th!

Read more about International Games Day here

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