Winners of Nordic Game Day Tournament in Wonderputt


Hole-in-many! Thanks for participating in the Wonderputt-tournament at Nordic Game Day, and as always the race for the 1. place was really REALLY tight.

But in a cozy 1. place comes….



Here the player Erlend scored 174000 points on Verdal Library. Pretty awesome round og Wonderputting, and the PlayStation 4 goes to Verdal (when it launches). Congratulations!

2. place went to….



At Tårnby Bibliotek the player Allaha aced a highscore of 172579 points thus grapping the cool prizes with 3 board games and 1 game of his own choice. Way to go!

And finally 3. place goes to….


NORWAY! Sorry Sweden!

The player Etreati mastered a highscore of 151713 at Levanger Library. One board game is en route to Norway. Congrats!

Lastly a huge thank you all for putting up the tournament and doing Nordic Game Day in 2013. We´ll see you next year, and maybe even to a whole Nordic Game Week?

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 15h 2014 – because it´s where the next International Games Day kicks off – and we want the Nordics to be a bigger part of it next year.

Thanks to all the participating Wonderputt-players and the awesome librarians, who put up the tournament.

All the winners and libraries have been contacted by email.

See all the submitted highscores here.

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