Open call

Nordic Game Day 2014
unites the nordic libraries in a playful way

Are you a game critic/journalist wanting to do game related talks, a game developer eager to show off your games or facilitate a workshop, or are you ‘just’ an enthusiastic player with stories to tell? Then Nordic Game Day might be the place for you to do it!

This annual event is once again supported by Nordic Game Institute and The Nordic Council of Ministers. It will run in the nordic libraries on November 15th 2014 (The same day as International Game Day).

The goal is to have the public libraries all over the Nordic region put extra focus on games as a medium – both physical board games and the digital kind – for just one day. This is to show the patrons and the world, that games are a established medium that belongs in the libraries now and in the future.

The previous years has proven great ideas from the libraries. There have been a nordic competition in computer games, where the user have competed against each other, they have taken part in The Global gossip game, there have been game related talks, workshops, and other playful concepts. But there is allways room for more great concepts and ideas – let it flow..

For more information on how to get booked and be a part of it, please contact project lead, Lone Munkeberg on – the sooner the better…

Finally – feel more than free to share this invite in your network!

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2 Responses to Open call

  1. Jens Svensk says:

    Hi Lone,

    Are you still organizing Nordic Game Day and looking for good journalists, interested in all possible sorts of games?

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