Nordic Game Day 2015


I’m Tommi Tossavainen, from the National Audiovisual Institute in Finland. I’ve been the coordinator for the Finnish Game Day for the past few years and this year I will also be your contact person in all matters Nordic Game Day.

Lone Munkeberg who did a great job last year as the project lead, is starting in a new job and asked me to coordinate the event this year. Thank you Lone and congratulations! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with games in the library and of organizing NGD events.

A Few Words About the Finnish Game Day and Game Education

A few years ago some of our libraries felt that Saturday was a difficult day to organize an event since many smaller libraries are closed during the weekend or had limited staff. For this reason for the last three years, Finland has celebrated a whole week devoted to games instead of just one day. This has made it easier to collaborate with schools and increased the number of events. Last year we had about 100 events during the week and many libraries actually celebrated for the whole week!

Games are an important media in Finnish libraries. Promoting Game Literacy and fact-based discussion about (digital) games in the press has been a goal for the Finnish Game Day. Finland has an active Game Educators Network, which organizes campaigns and activities during the week and has also created CC-licensed resources for educators and parents about games.


We are currently translating an English version of our popular book about games, parenting, education and culture. The book is titled “The Game Educators Handbook” and it will be available in pdf and epub formats in August. Did I mention the book is completely free and we hope you enjoy reading and sharing it. The book has a whole chapter about games and the library.

You can browse the Finnish version of the book here.

Nordic Game Day 2015

This year both the Nordic Game Day and the International Games Day will be on Saturday 21.11.2015. Last year over 1,200 libraries from around the world participated in IGD, Nordic Libraries included. This year we will work even closer together with IGD and as you register for the Nordic Game Day, you are also registering for the International Games Day. The registration will open in May June and we hope you’ll register as soon as possible, since it helps us build a stronger campaign during the months leading up to the NGD.

Registering adds you to our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed about possible competitions, tournaments, free games and latest news.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas,  send me an email at and if you haven’t already, please join the Nordic Gambrarians Facebook-group.

Thanks for reading this and let’s create a great Nordic Game Day!

Tommi Tossavainen

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