Organizing the Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament

Earlier this month we introduced the Nordic Game Day Resogun Tournament for Nordic Libraries. In this post you will find the details on how to organize a local tournament in your library.


Organize your local tournament any time between 16.11.2015 and 22.11.2015. You can hold one tournament on the NGD or several tournaments during the week leading up to NGD, your choice. One game usually lasts anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on the skill of the player. After receiving your code for the game, install the game on your PS3 or PS4 console and familiarize yourself with the game, so you can help library customers who wish to participate.

Object of the Game:

Use the following Map / Ship Combo:

1. Choose Single Player
2. Choose Single Map
3. Choose the Rookie Difficulty (the topmost difficulty setting)
4. Choose the Ship FEROX (default ship)
5. Choose the Map ACIS (default map)

Every player should be given a minute or so to familiarize with the controls. After the training period, restart the first level of the game on Rookie-difficulty and tell the player to try to get as high a score as possible. The player may lose all lives or he/she may pass the first level. In either case, write down the player’s:

Final Score is displayed on the Game Over screen or on the Level Complete screen.


Each player can only play the level once so if you intend to keep the tournament running throughout the week, try to make sure each player only participates once.

After the tournament, send the aforementioned information from the three best players to the NGD coordinator from the same email you used to ask for the code.

The Nordic Champion of the tournament and the best national players will be announced on Monday the 23rd of November on


  1. The Best Player in the Nordic Countries will receive a Sony PlayStation 4 console, courtesy of Nordisk Film.
  2. The Best Players in each country will receive a Box of Epic Loot provided by Housemarque!
  3. The Best Player in each library will also receive a small surprise gift!
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