75 libraries have registered for Nordic Game Day!

With 43 days to go until Nordic Game Day, a total on 75 libraries from all of the Nordic Countries have already registered! This looks promising and we will most likely surpass the number from last year, which was 144 libraries. We are already over half-way there!

If you haven’t registered yet, go to: http://bit.ly/IGD2015Registration to register!


Use the hashtag #nordicgameday during your events

We have purchased a subscription to Tweetwall for (20-22.11.2015) and if you tweet pictures using the #nordicgameday hashtag your tweets will appear on the wall here:


You can open this website on a browser (press F11 to maximize the screen) and display pictures from other Nordic Game Day events in real-time on the screen of your choice!

The wall will monitor all tweets with the following hashtags (and you can suggest more):


The wall has an automatic profanity filter and we will activate full moderation if the filter is not enough, so you can display the wall safely in your library. The wall will not show tweets from accounts that have less than 10 followers.

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2 Responses to 75 libraries have registered for Nordic Game Day!

  1. Lars Wagner Hansen says:

    But where can we see the list of participating libraries? And more importantly where can normal people (people who do not visit this site) see the list? Will it be publicised anywhere else, like Facebook?

  2. You can find many of the participating libraries on the International Games Day map here: http://igd.ala.org/about/ (updated biweekly) and we will publish a full list of participating libraries on the week before NGD. Due to the survey form used, the registrations are not easily updated in real time.

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