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Results of the Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament

Last week over a thousand players participated in a Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament in almost sixty libraries across the Nordic Countries. The feedback from library patrons was enthusiastic and the relatively high scores across the board show that a lot of … Continue reading

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150 libraries celebrate Nordic Game Day!

Tomorrow we celebrate the Nordic Game Day with 150 libraries, (if you include other organizations the number is 200+) and over 400 days worth of events, since many libraries have events on several days or even for the whole week instead … Continue reading

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More and more libraries are joining Nordic Game Day

Have a great weekend! As of today we have 113 libraries and over 160 events during the Nordic Game Day! 50 libraries are also participating in the Nordic Resogun tournament. What are you planning at your library? Send a short Tweet … Continue reading

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