Nordic Game Day Competition Prizes!


This year the main prize for the Nordic Game Day Competition is a new OnePlus 3 smartphone (value 400 euros), courtesy of Palringo Finland.

palringoPalringo is the creator of the popular Palringo Group Messenger app. With over 27 million users across 350,000 user created social groups, Palringo connects users around the world to chat and play games. If you are interested, you can create a chat-group for your NGD event for free.

Creating a new group requires registration, but joining in existing chats doesn’t!

In addition to the smartphone, Nordic Game Day will donate one free board game or video game (winners choice, up to 100 euros) to the best player in each country. Winners will be contacted directly after the tournament. We will also send some smaller prizes for your local events, if you have registered your event before November.

More information about the Nordic Game Day Competition

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