New Poster for Nordic Game Week!

The Finnish Game Week has provided their poster for use in Nordic Game Week events. Feel free to use the poster to promote your local events during your national game weeks!

You can use this blank poster to add dates and other information to your poster.

The poster is created by Tuuli Hypén, a Finnish comic artist freelancer illustrator and a cultural history graduate.

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4 Responses to New Poster for Nordic Game Week!

  1. Signe Frederiksen says:

    Dear Nordic Game Week

    Will there be an official sign-up for this years game week, or is there anything else but the poster that will indicate who’s participating?

  2. Hi Signe! There will not be a joint Nordic Registration this year. Since there are no coordinators in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, we are focusing on National Game Weeks during the International Games Week. Read more here:

    You can register for International Games Week here: and ask for more information about the Nordic Game Week in Denmark here:

  3. Mikkel Rasmussen says:

    Nu er det et par år siden vi var med til Nordisk Spildag (ikke Game Week). Vi kunne godt tænke os at afholde det på en lørdag, altså ikke hele ugen. Er der mulighed for vi stadig kan være med, selvom vi ikke deltager hele ugen?

  4. Hej! Yes, it is okay! Most Nordic Game Week participants celebrate just one Nordic Game Day during the Nordic Game Week. Since you are from Denmark, come follow the Nordi Game Week – Danmark Facebook-page:

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