Nordic Game Day 2016 is a cooperation between the Nordic Libraries working with computer games.

The goal is to have the public libraries all over the Nordic region put extra focus on games as a medium – both physical board games and the digital kind – for one day or for the whole week leading up to the Nordic Game Day. This is to show the patrons and the world, that games are a established medium that belongs in the libraries now and in the future.

The date for Nordic Game Day 2016 is Saturday November 19th.

Press-contact and coordinator

Tommi Tossavainen, planning officer, National Audiovisual Institute, Finland

Email: tommi.tossavainen@kavi.fi
Facebook: Tommi Tossavainen

4 Responses to About

  1. Anonymous says:

    Skulle ni vilja maila er logga till mig?
    Tack på förhand!

    /Petronella Johansson
    Bibliotekarie/Halmstad Stadsbibliotek

  2. Arnhild says:

    E-postadressen til Thomas ser ikke ut til å fungere.

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