Enter Shrug Island – showcase

Tiny Red Camel proposes to showcase Shrug Island, a game in development. They’ll introduce the participants to the magical world of the Shrugs, where the player explores and makes music to grow life around him. They’ll also share with participants some behind the scenes of game development.

Shrug Island – A musical adventure game inspired by nature for desktops and tablets ages 8 and up.

More info:
Shrug Island is an environmental fantasy tale about shape-shifting beings called the Shrugs, a game in which you play with their powerful relations to eachother and their home. It’s based on an traditional animated film awarded in Nordic and international film festivals.






The Shrugs and the Island live in symbiosis in a cycle governed by oceans that seasonally cover land. Their intimate connection brings harmony and dischord, as Island and Shrugs are reflections of each other. If they forget how to communicate, the balance breaks. Though they sometimes fly, Shrugs are solid creatures on land. With their feet on the ground they can lose sight of the powers in their nature.

The first chapter of this  game will be officially released in December 2014. Participants in the showcase will therefore get to experience first hand the end stages of game production, where the audience has an important role in shaping the final product.


Tiny Red Camel is a Copenhagen based developer, founded by animator/designer Alina Constantin and musician/teacher Michael G. Rose, to explore the intersection of graphics, music, stories and games.


For further information, please contact Alina & Michael at: info@tinyredcamel.com

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