Results of the Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament

Last week over a thousand players participated in a Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament in almost sixty libraries across the Nordic Countries. The feedback from library patrons was enthusiastic and the relatively high scores across the board show that a lot of active gamers were drawn into the libraries to participate in the competition.

The winner of the competition was Tommi V. from Helsinki, Finland with an astonishing score of 22 371 110! Tommi V. will receive a PlayStation 4 game console courtesy of Nordisk Film AND an epic loot bag, courtesy of Housemarque, the developer of Resogun.

The best player in each country will also receive a loot bag, so congratulations also to L.B. from Norway, Torben from Denmark and Ellen P. from Sweden!

Even the best player in each library will get a prize! Each top player will get their own copy of the game Resogun! Winners will be contacted directly or through their library by the end of this week.

Scroll down to read some comments from the libraries organizing the local tournaments!

Nordic Game Day Resogun-tournament TOP 30

Nordic Game Day 2015 Resogun-tournament

Some comments about the Tournament from Libraries

  • It was an exciting day with over 200 visitors during the event that was also mentioned in radio!
  • We had a great game day. The kids loved to play Resogun.
  • The game has been a lot of fun for our younger patrons and organizing the event was super easy!
  • Thank you for a nice and active game, we enjoyed the challenge 🙂
  • Thanks for the awesome reflectors ☺ The kids loved them!
  • We had fun!
  • We had a great day!! 🙂
  • we had a blast 🙂
  • This was a lot of fun!
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