Last minute instructions for Nordic Game Day!

First some numbers!

At the moment we have 235 different organizations of which 175 are libraries and the rest are youth centres, schools, museums, universities, clubs and NGOs, businesses and game stores, game development hubs, game companies and a few bars. This is our biggest Nordic Game Day so far, so congratulations to you all for organizing over 450 game days this week! Tournament

A grand total of 120 organizations will be taking part in the Nordic Game Day Tournament. Here are some more detailed instructions on organizing the tournament.

The objective of the game is to eat multi-colored pebbles and other worms. If a worm hits another worm (or the edges of the playing field) with it’s face, it breaks down into edible pebbles. The game is best played with a mouse. Clicking on the mouse will rush the worm, but consume it’s length.


Name your worm as your organization, for example “Taastrup Bibliotek” so when we play the game, we have a chance of competing against each other.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Print a poster for the competition (download here)
  2. Write or print BEST RESULT on a piece on paper and add to it a post-it note or a card with the score 1000 on it.
  3. Open the game on a browser ( (or install the app on a tablet)
  4. Go Full Screen (by pressing F11)
  5. Name your worm
  6. Let your visitors play the game
  7. When a player beats the default score of 1000, write down the score on one side and a phonenumer or an email on the other side.
  8. Replace the note with the new score.
  9. When someone beats the new score, repeat and throw away the old score.
  10. Send the BEST result and contact information to the winner to your local coordinator by MONDAY 21.11.16 at the latest. Scores submitted after monday will not be accepted into the competition.

The best player in the Nordic Countries will receive a One Plus 3 smartphone and the best player in each country will receive one game (up to 100 euros in value).

You can let the players try to beat the best score multiple times if there is no que. Note that the game will displaye ads from time to time. You can skip the ads with a browers add on or by clicking Skip Ad.

Help us promote Nordic Game Day!

We hope you will be active in contacting your local papers and radio. Ask for journalists, bloggers and vloggers to come and take part in your event. Talk about games and game culture and promote your events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using any of the following hashtags:

#nordicgameday #leikjadagur #peliviikko #speldag #spildag #spilldag

We will send you a survey after Nordic Game Day to ask for the number of visitors and to collate all mentions in the media, so please count your visiotors and if you see an online article save the link. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

The Nordic Game Day coordination team is here to help you!

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