Big Bang Legends Speedrun Challenge Winners!

During the Nordic Game Week, thousands of players participated in the Big Bang Legends Speedrun Challenge in local events across the Nordic Countries.


The Challenge was played with tablets, smartphones and even a few wall-sized touchscreens! The skill-level of the players varied a lot. The slowest times were over two minutes, while the fastest times were less than 50 seconds!

Some local events reported that none of the players wanted to participate in the raffle, even though they participated in the Speedrun Challenge. We think, it is a good sign that people have learned to value their privacy and are not giving out their contact information. Still almost 400 players participated in the Trip to CERN Raffle.


The Ten Fastest Players

So, who won? First a word about the way this tournament was organized. We wanted to make sure people who participated in smaller local events could have a chance to win a prize. This means that we only accepted the best time from each event and we are sending a prize to the best player in 10 local events.

As a result it is possible for 2nd and 3rd place winners in your local events (especially if your event had a lot of players) to have faster times than the best times on this TOP 10 list. But enough talk, here are the best times!

Local Event Venue Best Time
1. Helsingin kielilukio 0.43,278
2. Gjesdal folkebibliotek 0.45,099
3. GameXpo 0.47,478
4. Kotkan kaupunginkirjasto 0.48,000
5. Havukosken nuorisotalo 0.49,203
6. Virtain peliviikko 0.49,269
7. Keuruun kaupunginkirjasto 0.49,599
8. Tikkurilan kirjasto 0.50,200
9. Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä 0.50,847
10. Insomnia 0.51,227

The fastest player in the Nordic Game Week Speedrun Challenge is Joonas from the Helsingin kielilukio local event, with the time 43,728 seconds! Amazing!

The Top 10 will win a goodie bag filled with Big Bang Legends fun! We will contact the winners by the end of this week and ship the prizes next week.


The Runners Up

Players in these events also managed to beat the elusive one minute mark! Great job!

Nuorisotila FriendZone 0.52,000
Kuhmon nuorisotila 0.52,907
Kalajoen pääkirjasto 0.53,229
Lohjan pelipäivä 0.53,240
Iitin kunnankirjasto 0.55,058
Vieremän Pohjoinen koulu 0.55,087
Fjell folkeboksamling 0.57,674
Asker bibliotek 0.58,280
Liipolan kirjasto 0.58,330
Sellon kirjasto 0.59,000
Himangan kirjasto 0.59,408
Lenvik bibliotek 0.59,410
Kouvolan kaupunginkirjasto 0.59,618

Excursion to CERN winner!

Each venue provided the number of participants on their Trip to CERN Raffle list and each venue received an equal number of tickets in the raffle. The tickets were given consecutive numbers and the winner for the Trip to CERN was then selected randomly by using a random number generator.


The Random number generated was 24, which meant the winning Venue was Jyväskylän Veturitallit and the 6th name on their Raffle list – Juuso – is our winner!

We’ve contacted Juuso to plan the trip during the coming year and we will keep you updated on how the Visit to CERN is going!

That’s it!

Thank you all once again for a great Nordic Game Week!

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1 Response to Big Bang Legends Speedrun Challenge Winners!

  1. joonashalpin says:

    Hey, I just wanted to mention, that my time was actually 0.43,278, so a half a second faster than what is displayed here. Anyway, it was a fun game to speedrun, and I’m glad I won 🙂

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