Reorganising the Nordic Game Week

For the past eight years, the Nordic Game Week has been coordinated in addition to the coordinators other duties. The coordinators so far have mostly been librarians and other public servants. As the Nordic Game Week has grown, the workload and expenses have become more than any one organisation can manage. In addition, coordinating the week from one country to another is difficult due to language barriers, the unfamiliarity of the organisational structures and lacking the knowledge of relevant national networks.

If you look at the number of participants to Nordic Game Week, it seems more prudent to organise a National Game Week during International Games Week, than a Nordic Game Week. For example, the Finnish Game Week had over 200 local events last year.

A National Game Week will have several benefits over a Nordic Game Week:

  • Communicating in native language
  • Networking with relevant national organisations
  • Co-operation with local and relevant sponsors
  • Greater participation
  • Greater chance of visibility in the media

Moving forward, we are asking each Nordic country to organise a National Game Week during the International Games Week.

Denmark and Finland have already confirmed to organise National Game Weeks. Registrations to Danish and Finnish Game Weeks begin next week and we are hoping the other Nordic countries will also join the cause.

If your organisation is interested in coordinating the National Game Week in your country, or you would like to help as part of a national coordination team, get in touch with Tommi and we will help you get started.

You will receive support and guidance from the other national coordinators. We are in the process of writing a guide for organising a National Game Week in your country.

We will organise a Nordic Competition, if we have a confirmed National Game Week in most of the Nordic countries. Even if your country does not organise a National Game Week this year, your library can still participate in the International Games Week.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and have a great summer!

Tommi Tossavainen
Finnish Game Week

Christian Mogensen
Danish Game Week

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