Lent a logic game from SmartGames in a HUUUGE version? (DK only)

XL med udfordringer-1

The Belgian game-company SmartGames is well-known for their brain busters, riddles and logic games for both children and adults.

Now for Nordic Board Game Day the Danish branch of the company are willing to lent out huge, XL-versions of some of their games.

The games are Roadblock and Anti-virus – see pictures above and below. Both are really good logic games where you in Roadblock have to capture the red car by placing police cars on the board. In Anti-virus you need to guide a virus out of the “body”, which calls for logical thinking and good spatial skills.

This offer is unfortunately and due to cost of shipping only available for the Danish libraries. 



Betingelser for udlån :
– Låner betaler for fragten ved returnering (P-Trade betaler for fragten ved levering)
– Spillet skal returneres i samme emballage, som det modtages i, så den skal der passes på og opbevares under lånet

– Returneres spillet ødelagt eller mangelfuldt vil låner modtage en faktura på de ødelagte eller manglende dele

– Spillet udlånes i 1 måned ad gangen (evt. kortere tid hvis der er stor rift om dem)

– Ved bestilling af XL spil skal der oplyses følgende:

o Navn
o Adresse
o Postnr og by
o Kontaktperson
o Telefon nr.
o Mail

Send informationen til Pia Grønlund hos P-Trade på mail pg@p-trade.dk.

XL med udfordringer

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